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Choose Medical Tourism Provider

You’re here. Congratulations, you’ve already completed step one.

By discovering ISMT, you’ve taken the most important step in seeking solutions to your medical needs that you’ve found are either too costly or aren’t readily available in your country.

Finding a medical tourism company to coordinate and simplify every aspect of your care overseas is extremely important, leaving you free to concern yourself only with getting your medical condition behind you.


Contact Us

Your next step is to fill out our no-obligation form or send us your details through email or contact us by phone.


Collect Details

Next, we have to collect proper details about your condition and needs

So we’ll contact you to:
• Find out more about your medical history and current medical needs
• Determine whether you’re capable of travelling
• Explain in more detail exactly what to expect and when
• Answer all your questions
• Describe how we evaluate medical providers to ensure the highest quality care for our patients
• Discuss destination options for your medical condition and learn your travel preferences.
• Describe the other services we provide to ensure a smooth, simple and seamless trip for your treatment, abroad.


Send Medical Records

You will have to send us your proper and latest medical records such as X-rays, MRIs and other test results, which we will use in consultation with doctor to find the best options for you.


Optimise Your Programme

We then optimise best programme for your needs through our vast experience and many contacts.

As we narrow the field of optimum choices, we provide your records to the doctors best matched to your situation.

Later, they will evaluate your condition, make recommendations, and provide cost estimates.


Make Decision

We provide you with a set of options to review, including detail on the hospitals and background on the doctors we recommend.

To help you make an informed and confident decision, we will arrange a phone conference between you and the overseas medical team.

If needed then we'll arrange discussion between doctors and medical team of your home country.


Final Arrangements

Once you’ve made your decision, we finalise all arrangements. We will throughout help you to get your travel documents; such as passport and visa, and arrange for payment. Once we’ve tied down the date for your medical tourism procedure, we then make all arrangements with the doctors and hospitals, your stay at hotel, etc. All you have to do is pack a suitcase and board the aircraft.



Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be greeted at the airport and driven to the hospital
You’ll be introduced to your programme manager, who on our behalf will coordinate your admission and all details during your stay.

During admission, you’ll make payment to the hospital and then you’re ready to meet your medical team.

Your lead doctor will explain every aspect of your procedure in detail and the in depth pre-op tests.

The tests ensure there are no changes in your medical condition since the transfer of records and no additional charges will be applied for that.
Our partner hospitals provide English speaking staff so you won't face any linguistic barriers, the facilities are pristine and technologically advanced, and the staffs are dedicated to your medical care and your personal comfort.


Medical Procedure

Your medical procedure begins.

We will stay in constant contact with you and your medical team throughout your stay, and will relay information back to loved ones frequently.

You’ll be closely monitored during recovery, and once the medical team has determined you’re ready for discharge, you’ll either fly home or be moved to hotel for further recovery and follow-up care, physical therapy or tests.


Return To Home

When your medical team finds that you’re recovered proper and ready to come home, we confirm your travel arrangements so that once again, all you have to do is pack and board the plane.

We stay in close touch once you’re home to assist you and your family doctor with any follow-up care.

We stay connected with you for as long as you need us and usually after that, and help you get answers from your overseas doctor should any post-care issues arise.